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Christine Lucas Bio: 

I studied voice at the Boston Conservatory of Music.  I have had vocal training in Classical music for 10 years and Vocal pop training for 20 years.  I have studied with well known vocal teachers in Boston.  I have been in vocal competitions.  My influences have been Mariah Carey,  Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.   I have been a lead singer in several bands.  I sing in several clubs through out all of the areas in Boston.  I am a studied, experienced singer.  To me singing is like breathing air.  Singing and Music are in my soul.


David Lombardi Bio:

Established guitarists, Dave Lombardi, provide the acoustic engine for the duet. Dave have been playing guitar for almost all of his life, playing over the years in a number of blues, rock and acoustic bands in the Metro West, Boston area.